April 6, 2011

Bella Blvd and May Arts teamed up for great inspiration and a few giveaways too!  My assignment was to use ribbon on a card using Bella's Mr. Boy line. 

Oh my gosh, I actually had an idea right away!  I've had those before...a great idea...yeah, when I actually put it to paper, it usually doesn't turn out too good and most of the time it ends up in the circular filing cabinet!  This time was different though.  I thought some thin ribbon forming the spikes (is that what they are called? That's what I'm calling them) of the dinosaur would be perfect.  I actually thought it out before I started cutting everything apart and making a big ol' mess.  I tried one spike, and it worked.  Then, I tried the 2nd and 3rd spike, IT WAS WORKING PEOPLE!  

My second assignment, which was actually posted on Bella's Blog yesterday (oops, I thought they were both scheduled for Wednesday, I was wrong) was to use the Sophisticates by Stephanie line with some May Arts ribbon.  So, a while back, I remember Katherine McElvain, another Bella Artista, making flowers out of something, but I didn't know if it was fabric, ribbon, what?  Ei Yi Yi MY MEMORY! Or lack of.  So I did a search on "You Tube" and found a couple of examples.  I don't know if I did it correctly, but I didn't think it turned out too bad.  Added a stamped Bella Doiley, a few leaves and sewed some beads to the center of the flower.  I always say "ignorance is bliss."  Just dive in.

There are more images on the Bella Blog and a chance to win some great product.  Check it out!  Also, check out the May Arts Blog, not only do they have some awesome projects done with the Bella product, they also have great ribbon tips and tricks!

Thanks for looking!

BTW, did you like it when I said "big ol' mess?"  I'm practicing my "southern!"