October 4, 2010

Simply Art

Cheryl, Sherry and I had signed up for a class over a month ago and Saturday was the big day!  Oh my...I LOVED it!  The class was taught by Wendy Vecchi, and talk about thinking outside the box!  It was a little 4" x 4" art book made out of grunge board, grunge paper, lots of inks, stamps, stickles and more.  The class was 4 hours and took me every bit of that time to finish this little work of art.  Our fingers and Cheryl's clothes (that's what happens when you drop an ink pad, ink side down, in your lap)  were a mess but by Sunday I had got them clean, my fingers, don't know about Cheryl's outfit!

Yes, that is a "snap" you see in the picture above.  Evidently This was part of a line by Tim Holtz that is no longer on the market.  Who would have thought!  I think I'm going to buy some snaps now and Sherry came up with a great idea...color them with markers!

Have you ever worked with gunge board or paper?  Can I just say it stinks!  Stinks, as in, smells really bad.  I guess it is supposed to smell like leather, I disagree.  But, oh how I love this little book!



  1. Wow, Gail. That is just beautiful. Where did you take that class? I love it!

  2. I've never heard of grunge board before, but I can see that it can be made into something beautiful, well done you.